General rules

These rules of procedure can partly be traced back to the IMA RULES 2009, but have been adapted to this kind of competition, to the place and to the number and typology of expected riders, as well as to the kind of event that Progetto Penice” association and MIA wanted to organize it since the beginning.

This competition is a time D.H.; timing starts from the starting gate and stops at the finish line; it takes place over two rounds in two different routes for 4 timed runs. The sum of the best timing in every route gives the total race time.

Board design: any type of board is allowed; wheels and tyres must not exceed 8 inch Diameter; brakes and broken boards are not allowed. The board must not have any dangerous spikes or areas that could cause damage to the rider or other riders in case of crash.


The event

The event takes place over three days.

Day one: reception and registration of riders; practice on the routes; free rides on all the routes; slalom and free style area practice.

Day two: race.

Day three: award ceremony.


At reception, competitors will be registered and insured paying a membership fee. Lists and starting grids will be drawn up and race numbers will be assigned to every team or rider on Saturday morning at 8.30.

Riders can practice the course routes from 8 to 9.15.

The race will start at 9.30 with the beginner category with a single route to be covered twice.

The “esordienti” and category will follow with same procedures of the beginner one; later on, the junior, master, “adulti femminile” (females) and “adulti maschile” (male) runs will take place, two runs for each route in rotation making a total of four runs.

Free riding on the routes during these runs is strictly forbidden.

At the end of the race, free ride and free style practice will be admitted everywhere.

Free style jam will follow.

The closing ceremony will take place on Sunday at 10.00.



Beginner (boys and girls): (one single shorter route to be covered twice)

“Esordienti” (boys and girls) from 6 to 11: (one single shorter route to be covered twice)

“Junior maschile” (boys): from 12 to 17

“Junior femminile” (girls): from 12 to 17;

“Adulti maschile” (men): from 18 to 35;

“Adulti femminile” (women): from 18 to 99;

“Master maschile” (men): from 36 to 99.


Protective gear

All riders under 18 and those belonging to the “esordienti” category must wear a helmet, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads at all time, during training or competition. It is recommended that riders also wear additional protective clothing.

All riders over 18 must wear always a helmet, but wearing protections and additional protective clothing is recommended.


Rider conduct

Verbal and physical abuse will not be tolerated. Judges will issue a single verbal warning. Upon a second violation, the rider will be disqualified from the event. Sabotage of other competitors boards and equipment will not be tolerated and will lead to immediate disqualification.

Race numbers must be worn on the rider’s chest during races and the formation lap.

All competitors are expected to listen to trackside announcements, and to ensure that they are ready to start when their name is called. Marshals will allow a short amount of time for riders to get ready, but if a rider is not present when his name is called, then he won’t partecipate in that run and should not expect the event to wait for him/her.

Race marshals will be present on starting and finish line, to keep close watch and ensure clean starts and exact timings.

The start will take place as below:

“Rider ready?”

“Start when ready!”

Timing will start at the opening of the starting gate and it will stop automatically crossing the finish lane.

There are some gates on the route, close watched by marshals, the rest of the route is free. If the rider misses any of gate, he must go back up and pass it, otherwise he will be disqualified from the run. Judges’ decisions are definitive.

Practice can be made everywhere, but the race is permitted only on the two routes.

For the beginner and “esordienti” categories the route is single and shorter (the starting line is lower on the run). Competitors will have to cover it twice.

The other categories will cover the first route twice and after that will pass on to the second route (to be covered twice as well). The sum of the best times for each route will give the rider’s total time. The rider with the best (lower) total time is the winner.

At the end of the competition, race numbers must be returned.



In that area only “Progetto Penice” staff and official slalom racers will enter.

Free style Jam will follow the D.H. competition. Board tricks will be exclusively judged by a M.I.A. technical staff for possible awards.



Competitors can enroll from June 30t to July 28th 2015.

Enrollment forms can be found on the site

Fill out the form and send it by e-mail to the address: or by fax at the phone number +39 523 936206.

Enrollment will be active by the payment of the fee, amounting to 30 €.

Payment method: directly at rider registration on day one; by bank transfer using bank account details on the enrollment form.

Registration: on day one by 16.30, in the office at the end of the race route. Enrollment allows: participation to the race; free transport by bus from the route end to start line; free style area access; free use of lift system.

Only registered can use routes an free style area.

A sticker will be delivered to any racer, and it must be sticked on the racer helmet.



1st, 2nd and 3rd racer classified will be rewarded:

– male and female beginner (awarded together): local food products

– “Esordienti”, “junior maschile” (boys) and “junior femminile” (girls) will be rewarded with sports equipment or tech gadgets;

– “Master maschile” (men):

1st classified 250 €

2nd classified 150 €

3rd classified 100 €


– “Adulti femminile” (women):

1st classified 250 €

2nd classified 150 €

3rd classified 100 €


– “Adulti maschile” (men):

1st classified 500 €

2nd classified 250 €

3rd classified 100 €


Prize money will be delivered after signature for receipt like compensation for unprofessional sport performance (art. 37 L. 342/2000 – art. 69 co. 2 DPR 22.12.1986, n. 917)

Free style awards consists in a week long stay to “Surf to live” facility in Santander and it is offered by M.I.A..



on Sunday, starting from 10.00.



A campsite with showers and toilets can be found at the end of the route.


–    5 € per person for the three days (from July 31st to August 2nd)

–    extra days before or after those dates: – 5 € per person; – 8 € per person if there are two people; – 3 € per person if there are three or more people.

Food courts will be open from noon on Friday to noon on Sunday. There everyone will be able to taste the famous record breaking pizza from Bobbio, PIZZA + 1 GUINNES RECORDS 2015.

Celebrations with a live band will be held on Saturday night, right after the Free Style Jam.



Other information for racers/carers about reception, race, hotels, tours, can be found on the site or on Facebook page: “European-DH-Championship